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APrevent is a medical device company founded by a team of international clinically experienced physicians and engineers. Its primary product is an implant for treatment of unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP), which is the first implant on the market that can be adjusted both intra- and postoperatively. AiSpeak is an AI speech recognition software for speech disorder patients developed by APrevent which won first place at the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) 2022.


Daytrip connects travelers with local drivers, who provide door-to-door transportation with optional sightseeing stops. Company's booking platform let travelers book customized intercity rides from 110+ countries on one platform and the option to visit curated sightseeing stops which make the trips an unforgettable travel experience


Genialis is a bioinformatics company that specializes in data-driven solutions for precision medicine development and creating patient stratification biomarkers to facilitate new drug development.


An industrial femtosecond laser start-up based in Lithuania – aims to advance industries through innovative, reliable, and affordable femtosecond lasers.

Photoneo s.r.o.

Photoneo Brightpick Group is a leading robotics company with more than 300 employees and 5000 technology installations worldwide.


Oxipit creates the first CE certified autonomous AI radiology application to improve diagnostic quality and reduce the impact of a growing shortage of radiologists.


Sensoneo provides enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.


Sky Engine AI is a Synthetic Data Cloud specializing in vision generative AI and unstructured data, empowering deep learning with diverse, optimized datasets.


VRgineers specializes in immersive and highly effective flight training solutions through cutting-edge simulation technologies that leverage virtual and mixed reality capabilities. The company focuses on developing immersive tools and training solutions tailored for professionals and military clients


TransferGo is the global fintech creating a fairer world for millions of global citizens by offering simpler, more affordable financial services.