We do not give out grants. As a pure venture capital fund, we only make investments into companies in exchange for equity.

We will consider investing as long as your company is registered in one of the CEE countries listed, and you: conduct your main business activity in Taiwan or have tech cooperation with Taiwan companies, or you have established or made concrete plans to establish a subsidiary/branch in Taiwan or joint venture with a Taiwan company.

Our fund prioritizes the nine sectors listed in evaluating deals and making investment decisions, but will also consider technologies and applications that are relevant to these domains.

Our fund targets companies that are at the Series A stage or later.

While Taiwania receives resources and support from the Taiwan Government (in addition to leading corporations), we are a professional venture capital firm that is led by long-time investors and entrepreneurs.

For any company interested, the first step is to contact us with a brief business plan (preferably in a slide deck format). From there, standard procedures will apply, including screening, due diligence, and a review by an investment committee. The CEE Fund operates as private equity and venture capital fund by making equity investments in companies with innovative technologies and growth potential. The Fund is stage agnostic, and therefore companies at all stages of development are welcomed.

What sets the CEE Fund apart from other PE/VC funds is that we are dedicated to enhancing Taiwanese-CEE collaborations. As a result, our investment focus is on CEE companies that already have substantial partnerships or plan to develop such relationships with Taiwanese industries. This special condition is an essential factor in our investment decisions, and any companies meeting the requirement will be very much welcomed.

We will have two or three team members based in CEE countries, including one in Lithuania and the other in Slovakia and Czechia. They will cover the whole region.