Fund II

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our portfolio

AmMax Bio, Inc.

A clinical stage biotech company focused on unlocking the therapeutic potential of the CSF1R platform.

AnHorn Medicines

New drug discovery by a mechanism of protein degradation. Using AI to discover new molecules targets difficult-to-treat and drug-resisting diseases.

AnnJI Pharma

Small molecule drugs for dermatology and neurology.

Bigfoot Biomedical

Developer of a diabetes management system for people living with insulin-requiring diabetes.

C4 Therapeutics

Destroying proteins that cause cancers, neurological, and other diseases.


Making biosimilars affordable and accessible to patients everywhere.


Unique Immunotherapies for presently untreatable cancers and chronic hepatitis B.


Leveraging intestinal biology to transform the treatment of metabolic diseases.

Frequency Therapeutics

Activating the body’s innate healing ability to treat degenerative diseases.

Handa Pharma

Niche new drugs and high barrier/patentable products.


Nanolive offers a revolutionary non-invasive label-free live cell imaging platform optimized for drug discovery and biomedical research. Its advanced imaging set-up generates a full 3-D hologram of the target tissue and combined with a proprietary AI-assisted analytical suite allows for unparalleled insight into the cell at the molecular-, organelle-, and cellular levels.


Novel treatments for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), hepatitis, and cancers.

Point Robotics MedTech

Advanced robotics that makes spinal surgeries safer than ever.

Regenacy Pharmaceuticals

Restoring nerve function to treat diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies.

Suono Bio

Suono Bio is developing therapeutic products for inflammatory-mediated diseases leveraging their ultra-rapid and formulation independent delivery technology.


The goal is to develop revolutionary, new drugs for mental/behavioral health, including schizophrenia, dementia, depression, and COVID-19.

TFBS Bioscience Inc.

TFBS Bioscience Inc. is the first contract research organization in Taiwan that focuses on biological safety and quality testing. In addition to providing high-efficiency and high-quality customized testing services, TFBS Bioscience also provides GMP grade viral vector CDMO service for emerging cell/gene tharapy market.


New medicines for cancers and virus-associated diseases.

Windgap Medical Inc.

Innovative autoinjector platform that provides simple-to-use, safe, and stable performance for emergency rescue use and enables development and impact of difficult-to-stabilize drugs.


Small molecule drugs for acute pain, chronic pain and infectious diseases.