Fund I

The fund size is US$150M. The primary investment areas focus on enterprise software, autonomous systems, AI, IoT, robotics & drones, information security, next-gen semiconductors, sensors, and cloud infrastructure.


Fund II

With a fund size of US$200M, Fund II invests in companies with disruptive and advanced technologies which address unmet medical needs. The key investment thesis is to bridge Taiwan innovations with the global biotech industry.


Fund III

With a fund size of US$59M, Fund III focuses on investments in Medtech startups that develop therapeutic/diagnostic devices or precision health-related medical technology. Taiwania will help Medtech startups to optimize their growth, new product launches, and new market entry.


Fund V

The fund size is US$56M. The primary investment areas focus on early startups specialize in automation, enterprise SaaS, 5G and networking, advanced manufacturing, and digital health.


Fund VI

The fund size is US$200M. Focusing on topics such as new edge and 5G infrastructure, EV supply chain, Hybrid next generation Semi and data/ML security and lifecycle.