INSIGHTS: Clinicians collaborate on healthcare outcomes with Avesha’s 5G-enabled app

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Published Jun 7, 2021By: 


Nobody wants unexpected surprises to come up in an operating room, especially when they raise questions that can’t easily be answered.


Unfortunately, there are always occasions where an emergency case or even a routine procedure exposes abnormalities or rare conditions that require a second opinion. When that happens, a patient’s health can be put at risk if they can’t quickly be transferred to see a specialist in another location.


Boston-based Avesha is addressing that challenge with advanced communication and collaboration technology that allows a doctor in a regional medical center, for example, to consult virtually with experts in a university teaching hospital to get their guidance on cases in real-time.


Healthcare providers can connect to Avesha using BlueJeans over a Verizon 5G network and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 to work together on treating a patient.


Dr. Shannon Scholl and her team at the Raleigh Endoscopy Center are among the medical professionals who see great promise in how Avesha’s applications and platform could assist them when time is of the essence.


“[A colleague] can be available through this technology to conference with me and use the Samsung tablet with the S Pen to direct me on how exactly to place my instruments,” Scholl said in a video shown during the recent virtual symposium, “Work Reimagined,” where Verizon and Samsung showcased 5G innovations. “As he marks X’s on the tablet, I see them on the monitor in my room.”….( Read the whole article: Clinicians collaborate on healthcare outcomes with Avesha’s 5G-enabled app)