1. AESOP (Fund III)

AESOP stands for AI-enhanced Safety of Physicians and can make physician clinical documentation easier, faster, and less error-prone using Machine Learning on 3.2 billion patient visits.

2. AEye (Fund I)

Delivering human perception for autonomous vehicles.

3. AIxMed (Fund III)

Powered by AI, addresses unique challenges in cytology slide digitization, image analysis, and workflow optimization.

4. Ambiq Micro (Fund I)

Ultra-low power MCUs for wearable and IoT devices.

5. AmMax Bio, Inc. (Fund II)

A clinical stage biotech company focused on unlocking the therapeutic potential of the CSF1R platform.

6. AnHorn Medicines (Fund II)

New drug discovery by a mechanism of protein degradation. Using AI to discover new molecules targets difficult-to-treat and drug-resisting diseases.

7. AnnJI Pharma (Fund II)

Small molecule drugs for dermatology and neurology.

8. Arris Composites (Fund I)

Revolutionizing the manufacturing process of carbon fiber composites.

9. Artilux (Fund I)

Pioneer in advanced GeSi photonic technology for wide spectrum 3D sensing and communication.

10. Atayalan(Fund I&V)

Atayalan focuses on delivering turn-key multi-radio access (5G/4G/WiFi) networking solution.

11. AVESHA(Fund I)

Application Aware Overlay Network for developing cloud applications easily in multi-cloud environment.

12. AWCT (Fund III)

AWCT promotes non-invasive innate tissue repair mechanisms through patented acoustic pulse technology to treat incontinence.

13. Bigfoot Biomedical (Fund II)

Developer of a diabetes management system for people living with insulin-requiring diabetes.

14. Canner (Fund V)

Canner focuses on solving data access workflow in enterprises and accelerating data-driven innovations at scale.

15. C4 Therapeutics (Fund II)

Destroying proteins that cause cancers, neurological, and other diseases.

16. Cognito Health Inc.(Fund I)

Predictive bed fall prevention and patient monitoring tool.


CUUMED® is established in 2013 as a Taiwan CDMO brand. The main product is the high-end medical catheter.

18. DataPelago (Fund V)

Redefining the world of data by building a differentiated solution for extracting instantaneous insights from data of any scale, speed, or structure at performance and cost unsurpassed in the industry.

19. Dcard (Fund I)

The biggest mobile forum in Taiwan with millions of active users.

20. Digimax (Fund llI)

DigiMax has integrated R&D, manufacturing, sale, cloud service platform, and maintenance service of hearing aid – creating a unique ecosystem to provide solutions for hearing loss patients.

21. DSP Concepts (Fund I)

The ultimate solution provider for audio DSP.

22. Daytrip (CEE Fund)

Daytrip connects travelers with local drivers, who provide door-to-door transportation with optional sightseeing stops. Company's booking platform let travelers book customized intercity rides from 110+ countries on one platform and the option to visit curated sightseeing stops which make the trips an unforgettable travel experience

23. EirGenix (Fund II)

Making biosimilars affordable and accessible to patients everywhere.

24. ELIXIRON (Fund II)

Unique Immunotherapies for presently untreatable cancers and chronic hepatitis B.

25. Ethernovia (Fund I&V)

Ethernovia is virtualizing vehicle communication to enable the software defined vehicle.

26. FaceHeart (Fund III)

FaceHeart Corp. improves human health through its proprietary video-based rPPG solutions.

27. FIGUR8 (Fund I)

A platform that accurately digitizes and analyzes musculoskeletal (MSK) health.

28. Flat Medical (Fund III)

Flat Medical specializes in building innovative safety solutions for procedures in anesthesia, critical care, pain management and emergency care.

29. FlowVIEW (Fund V)

Advanced fluid monitoring and analysis solution provider.

30. FRACTYL (Fund II)

Leveraging intestinal biology to transform the treatment of metabolic diseases.

31. Frequency Therapeutics (Fund II)

Activating the body’s innate healing ability to treat degenerative diseases.

32. Genialis (Fund VI & CEE Fund)

Genialis is a bioinformatics company that specializes in data-driven solutions for precision medicine development and creating patient stratification biomarkers to facilitate new drug development.

33. Handa Pharma (Fund II)

Niche new drugs and high barrier/patentable products.

34. Health 2 Sync (Fund III)

H2Sync aims to provide cloud-based personalized, scalable digital solutions for chronic disease patients to help users improve chronic disease management.

35. HORIEN Biochemical Technology (Fund III)

HORIEN focuses on developing medical-grade collagen. The mission is to provide cost-effective and high-quality collagen implant products for wound healing and various applications in different medical fields.

36. IsCoolLab (Fund V)

Innovative RPA for industrial applications.

37. KDAN Mobile (Fund I)

A global SaaS provider such as an e-signature service and different productivity and creativity-related tools.

38. LANDING AI (Fund I)

Helping companies jumpstart AI adoption and create real business value today.


Real holograms without the need of headgears.

40. Litilit (CEE Fund)

An industrial femtosecond laser start-up based in Lithuania – aims to advance industries through innovative, reliable, and affordable femtosecond lasers.


Data Security, Control, Visibility and Malware Protection at Anytime from Anywhere.

42. Metanoia Communications Inc. (Fund I)

RF IC and Baseband IC for 5G and 5G O-Ran application

43. Nanolive (Fund II)

Nanolive offers a revolutionary non-invasive label-free live cell imaging platform, combined with a proprietary AI-assisted analytical, optimized for drug discovery and biomedical research.

44. OCULii (Fund I)

Breakthrough 4D radar imaging for autonomous systems.

45. Opsera (Fund V & Fund Vl )

Opsera’s continuous orchestration platform provides self-service toolchain automation, drag-and-drop declarative pipelines, and unified insights.

46. OXIPIT (CEE Fund)

Oxipit creates the first CE certified autonomous AI radiology application to improve diagnostic quality and reduce the impact of a growing shortage of radiologists.

47. PharmaEssentia (Fund II)

Novel treatments for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), hepatitis, and cancers.

48. Photoneo s.r.o.(CEE Fund)

Photoneo Brightpick Group is a leading robotics company with more than 300 employees and 5000 technology installations worldwide.

49. Point Robotics MedTec (Fund II)

Advanced robotics that makes spinal surgeries safer than ever.

50. QT Medical

QT Medical focuses on hospital-grade 12-lead ECG with AI diagnostics for doctors and patients.

51. Regenacy Pharmaceuticals (Fund II)

Restoring nerve function to treat diabetic and other peripheral neuropathies.

52. SafeLiShare (Fund V)

SafeLiShare enables safe usage & sharing of sensitive assets for enterprises in the multi-cloud, powered by confidential computing.


Sensoneo provides enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, and sustainability.


Sky Engine AI is a Synthetic Data platform specializing in vision generative AI and unstructured data, empowering deep learning with diverse, optimized datasets.

55. SyneuRx (Fund II)

The goal is to develop revolutionary, new drugs for mental/behavioral health, including schizophrenia, dementia, depression, and COVID-19.

56. Suono Bio (Fund II)

Suono Bio is developing therapeutic products for inflammatory-mediated diseases leveraging their ultra-rapid and formulation independent delivery technology.

57. Surglasses (Fund V)

The most easy to use AR spine surgical navigation system——Caduceus S with TFDA and USFDA 510(K) clearance.

58. TAC Dynamics (Fund V)

The most reliable smart robotics service in micro-fulfillment center to optimize resources and profit maximizing.

59. Tantti (Fund V)

Developing innovative biomaterials technology to provide transformative solutions to biopharma supply chains, including production of vaccines, stem cells and gene therapies.

60. TFBS Bioscience Inc. (Fund II)

The first contract research organization in Taiwan that focuses on biological safety and quality testing and provides GMP grade viral vector CDMO service for the emerging cell/gene therapy market.

61. 3drens(Fund V)

A data-driven IoV platform designed for commercial fleet owners.

62. 3nets.io (Fund I&V)

Next generation networking design.

63. Touché Solutions (Fund I)

Empowering human-machine collaboration through touch.


Laboratory-grade VoC detectors for real time monitoring.

65. Tripresso (Fund I)

An e-commerce travel platform providing B2C and B2B users with a great travel and management experience.9

66. Ubiik (Fund I)

Distinguished innovator in the IoT system, including hardware, wireless connectivity, embedded software and cloud platform.

67. URSROBOT (Fund V)

URSROBOT is a team of builders, thinkers who design service robots that make life smarter.  "Let service robot be part of everyone's life" is our goal.

68. Verana Networks(Fund V)

Providing a mmWave 5G network solution can reduce the cost to 1/10 compared to current suppliers to expedite mmWave 5G deployment.

69. Viracta (Fund II)

New medicines for cancers and virus-associated diseases.

70. VRgineers (CEE Fund)

VRgineers specializes in immersive and highly effective flight training solutions through cutting-edge simulation technologies that leverage virtual and mixed reality capabilities. The company focuses on developing immersive tools and training solutions tailored for professionals and military clients

71. Windgap Medical Inc. (Fund II)

Innovative autoinjector platform that provides simple-to-use, safe, and stable performance enables development and impact of difficult-to-stabilize drugs.

72. XGene (Fund II)

Small molecule drugs for acute pain, chronic pain and infectious diseases.

73. APrevent (CEE Fund)

APrevent is a medical device company founded by a team of international clinically experienced physicians and engineers. Its primary product is an implant for treatment of unilateral vocal fold paralysis (UVFP), which is the first implant on the market that can be adjusted both intra- and postoperatively. AiSpeak is an AI speech recognition software for speech disorder patients developed by APrevent which won first place at the Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge (QITC) 2022.

74. TransferGo (CEE Fund)

TransferGo is the global fintech creating a fairer world for millions of global citizens by offering simpler, more affordable financial services.

75. TXOne Networks (Fund VI)

TXOne Networks offers cybersecurity solutions that ensure the reliability and safety of industrial control systems and operational technology environments. TXOne Networks works together with both leading manufacturers and critical infrastructure operators to develop practical, operations-friendly approaches to cyber defense. TXOne Networks offers both network-based and endpoint-based products to secure the OT network and mission-critical devices using a real-time, defense-in-depth approach.