The Best Inventions of 2022 Beyond Screens / Light Field Lab SolidLight

Future vision art of SolidLight™ Panel

There are two types of innovations: ones you see coming and ones that blow your mind. Light Field Lab’s SolidLight modular holographic system is the latter. Most holograms today use a variation of Pepper’s ghost, a technique that makes 3D illusions from 2D images. With SolidLight, however, “it’s not an illusion—we’re actually re-creating” 3D objects, says Jon Karafin, Light Field Lab’s co-founder and CEO. SolidLight holograms protrude into midair and behave, visually speaking, like the physical objects they’re meant to embody. The system’s modular video panel design means potential applications are wide-ranging: anything from a single 28-in. panel of NFT art to a 224-in. 3D advertisement wall in a store.

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