Techcrunch: Landing AI brings in $57M for its machine learning operations tools

Christine Hall


Just over a year after launching its flagship product, Landing AI secured a $57 million round of Series A funding to continue building tools that enable manufacturers to more easily and quickly build and deploy artificial intelligence systems.


The company, started by former Google and Baidu AI guru Andrew Ng, developed LandingLens, a visual inspection tool that applies AI and deep learning to find product defects faster and more accurately.


Ng says industries should adopt a data-centric approach to building AI, which provides a more efficient way for manufacturers to teach an AI model what to do, using no code/low code capabilities, which include just a few mouse clicks to build advanced AI models in less than a day.


“We kicked off the data-centric AI movement and are quite pleased that other companies have started talking about it,” he told TechCrunch. “In manufacturing, every factory does something different, so the problem becomes how we can help 10,000 manufacturers build 10,000 different models without having to hire a lot of manpower.”


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