Shaping tomorrow’s business pioneers

With waves of technology and business disruption coming harder and faster, it has never been more important to mentor new generations of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives who can thrive in an uncertain future.

Yet our existing educational systems are inadequate for the task: they provide solid academic foundations but fall far short on getting professionals ready for the competitive and fast-changing world of global business.

This is why we created the Taiwania Young Entrepreneurs Academy, where we enlist accomplished industry leaders of today to mentor promising business talent of tomorrow.

Taught by today's industry leaders

Our instructors are some of the most respected investors, entrepreneurs, and business experts who have achieved success from Taiwan to global. This ensures that everything students learn at the academy is battle-tested and ready for action.

Why Taiwania doing this

As a government-backed VC firm, Taiwania has always had a dual mission: to achieve investment returns, and also to foster a thriving entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.
And nurturing talent is perhaps the most crucial and highest-leverage means to accomplish this goal. We dedicate a substantial portion of our management fees to funding the academy.