AEye Wins Most Outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year Award at TECH.AD

One of the world’s leading autonomous vehicle technology conferences: Tech.AD,was held on Nov. 21-22, 2019 in Detroit USA. AEye wins the Most Outstanding Autonomous Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year Award which was a live vote of all the attendees. What a great accomplishment!




Tech.AD, Detroit, MI – November 22, 2019 – Today artificial perception pioneer AEye announced it has been awarded Autonomous Vehicle Technology Innovation of the Year at Tech.AD, one of the world’s leading autonomous vehicle technology conferences. The award recognizes achievements in implementing vehicle autonomy technology, and the winner is determined by a live vote of Tech.AD attendees, representing leaders in the North American autonomous vehicle market.


AEye won for iDAR™ (Intelligent Detection and Ranging), AEye’s groundbreaking perception platform that is designed to run in the sensor, and combines software extensibility, artificial intelligence and smart, agile sensors to deliver better information, faster to self-driving vehicles.


iDAR is the first and only perception platform that uses agile LiDAR to intelligently collect data at the sensor level. Using a distributed architecture, iDAR dynamically tracks targets and objects of interest, while always critically assessing general surroundings. It’s software-configurable hardware enables vehicle control system software to selectively customize data collection in real-time, while edge processing reduces control loop latency. As a result, iDAR captures more intelligent information with less data, for optimal performance and safety.


This week, AEye announced breakthrough perception advancements enabled by iDAR, and its plans to make these capabilities broadly available as a software reference library.


“In a crowded space, AEye’s iDAR platform continues to stand out. To be recognized by industry leaders and our peers in the autonomous vehicle market is extremely meaningful,” said Abhijit Thatte, VP of AI and Software at AEye. “AEye has built a perception stack from scratch which delivers the fluidity and flexibility that OEMs, tier 1s and mobility companies need for their ADAS and autonomous deployments. It is designed to accelerate the availability of advanced autonomous features in vehicles across all SAE levels by providing fast, accurate, and reliable vehicle perception.”


Finalists were determined by Tech.AD’s expert jury and evaluated by the nominee’s innovation, simplicity, achievement, maturity and cost-effectiveness. Winners were determined by Tech.AD North America’s audience of autonomous driving decision-makers during last night’s live voting awards ceremony.


For more on AEye’s approach to perception and the iDAR platform, see AEye’s white papers on the use of biomimicry in AI architecture to create responsive, intelligent machines that solve the most challenging edge cases for automakers, and its proposed new metrics to help perception engineers better evaluate the extended capabilities of AI-enabled intelligent agile LiDAR sensors.